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Notary Notes

Personal Delivery Devices

by PAN

Act 106, signed into law on November 1, 2020, has amended the definition of “Pedestrian” in Title 75, The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. The act takes effect January 30, 2021.

Under Section 1, §102, the definition of a “pedestrian” is as follows:

  1. an individual afoot.
  2. an individual with a mobility-related disability on a self-propelled wheelchair or an electrical mobility device operated by and designated for the exclusive use of an individual with a mobility-related disability.
  3. a personal delivery device.

Act 106 also allows for a “personal delivery device” (PDD) to operate on roadways, shoulder/berms of roadways, and in pedestrian areas. The definition of a personal delivery device is a ground delivery device that:

  1. is manufactured for transporting cargo or goods;
  2. is operated by a driving system that allows remote or autonomous operation, or both; and
  3. weighs 550 pounds or less without cargo or goods.

Since Act 106 places PDDs within the definition of a pedestrian, PDDs are not considered a vehicle and not required to be titled and/or registered as a vehicle under the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.

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