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Notary Notes

Your Middle Name and the Department of State

by PAN

Recently, there has been some confusion regarding the use of a middle name on PAN applications and Pearson VUE exams.

Your middle name is not required on your notary commission with the Department of State or when filling out your PAN application. If you need to take the notary exam, you will receive an email from Pearson VUE to schedule your exam. Your name listed for the exam must match your identification, but the middle name is not required to be listed, even if it is on your ID.

You DO NOT need to change your name on the Department of State’s web site to match your identification.

When you receive this email from Pearson VUE, do not change your name in the Department of State’s system if you do not want your middle name listed. If you do change your name on the Department of State’s web site, the name that will appear on your commission. You will be required to sign your name on notarized documents exactly as it is shown on your commission.

Please contact PAN if you have any questions regarding your name or changes to your name.

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