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Notary Notes

How to Update Your Notary Search Profile

by PAN

PAN has a new and improved web site!

Members can list their locations and notary skills on our web site by updating their Notary Search profile. These profiles are used to match PAN member with individuals who are searching for notary services. Your potential customers can search Notary Profiles by zip code, radius, and language.

If your notary profile matches the search criteria an individual enters in the Find A Notary feature, the individual can contact you directly, based on the information you’ve provided in your profile.

Creating and maintaining a Notary Profile on PAN’s web site is completely voluntary; we do not provide information about any notaries who have not chosen to create a Profile. 

To create your profile, log in to the member portal. On the right-hand side, click Notary Search Profile. This will display your notary profile settings. Be sure that your profile status is set to enabled.

Once you update your business or personal information for potential customers, you can upload a profile picture or leave it empty. You can then enter your hours of operation and let people know whether they can reach you any time or by appointment only.

In the Services Provided box, select the notary services you offer and the counties you serve. Be sure to select each service you provide on each list. When you’re finished, click Update.

Be sure to keep the information in your Notary Profile up to date. No information is updated automatically and if you would like to disable your profile, you must log in and turn it off manually.

Are you more of a visual learner? Check out our YouTube video on How to Update Your Notary Search Profile.

If you need assistance navigating our new site, you can call us with your questions at 800-944-8790, by email at [email protected], or chat with a PAN customer service representative through our live help by visiting

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