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Notary Notes

Keep Your Office of Record Address Up to Date

by PAN

All Pennsylvania notaries public are required to keep a current office of record mailing address on file with the Department of State. Your office of record address is where the Department will send any official notices or letters.

If you have changed employers, begun working from home, or moved, make sure the office of record address you have on file is up to date. You have 30 days to notify the Department that your address has changed. Notice must be made in writing or by e-mail and must state the effective date of the change.

You may use your employer’s or your own business address. If you did not provide either address on your application for commission, your home address becomes your office of record address by default. If you are working from home, for an employer or yourself, your home address should be your office of record address.

Instructions and forms (online and PDF) are available on the Department’s web site here.

PAN also offers a Change of Address packet, including an order form for an official stamp, available on our member portal here.

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