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Notary Notes

Agents, are you enrolled in PennDOT’s Driver License Data Verification (DLDV) program?

by PAN

As of November 30, 2022, all PennDOT agents were required to sign up with one of the approved integrators and use the verification of identity system and process.

PennDOT has sent multiple notices and reminders regarding the requirements. However, there are still agents who have not enrolled in the program. If you want to continue providing agent services to the public and are not yet verifying driver license data, you will need to comply with this requirement.

PennDOT has sent a final notice to all agents who have not registered with one of the DLDV integrators. If you are not in compliance by January 9, 2023, PennDOT will send you notice a notice suspending your agent service contract.

To read the memo “Verification of Identity by PennDOT Business Partners for Motor Vehicle Transactions”, see our blog -

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