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Notary Notes

Verification of Identity by PennDOT Business Partners for Motor Vehicle Transactions

by PAN

Currently, PennDOT business partners (Agents) are required to attach a legible photocopy of the front and back of the accepted identification credentials along with any title and/or registration application submitted to PennDOT or processed through PennDOT Online Programs.

To enhance the verification process of the PennDOT driver license/identification (DL/ID) card utilized by Agents to finalize a title and registration transaction, PennDOT implemented a new verification policy in 2022. The new policy was made possible through the Driver’s License Data Verification (DLDV) system operated by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Admistrators (AAMVA) in conjunction with the four integrators listed below. The new verification process requires the Agent to use a new system tool to electronically verify the PennDOT DL/ID product against the PennDOT record. This electronic verification assists in mitigating fraud associated with titling and registration of vehicles, as well as mitigating the potential for insurance fraud. Paragraph 9 of the Agent Services contract notes, “Provider shall require that each applicant for title or registration provide, at the time of making application, proof of identification that complies with the Department’s proof of identification policies and shall verify the authenticity of each applicant’s proof of identification document in the manner prescribed by the Program Requirements and Exhibit ‘B.’”

All Agents involved with title and registration transactions will be required to use the verification of identity system and process regardless of online status. All business partners must start using the verification of identity system and process by no later than November 30, 2022. Failure to sign up by November 30, 2022, will result in PennDOT suspending the Agent’s contract.  As an Agent you may choose one of four approved integrators to access the verification of identity system. Remember; pricing is market driven, and the Agent will need to determine which services of the three integrators meets their business needs. Section 818.327 of Title 63 of the Pennsylvania Statutes allows agents to charge customers for verifying the validity of the PennDOT DL/ID product when titling and registering a vehicle.  

The verification of identity system is available through the PennDOT-approved integrators listed below. Please contact these integrators for more information on signing up for the verification of identity system. 

CVR – Computerized Vehicle Registration
Contact Name: Kristin Carney, State Manager 
Phone: 847-230-6743 
Email Address: [email protected]  
Web address:

Contact Name: Suzanne Seidel, Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (717)-380-3630
Email Address: [email protected]
Web address: 

Title Technologies
Contact Name: Shane Hartle, Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (570) 506-9885
Email: [email protected]
Web address:

Contact name: Michael A. Heim, VP and General Manager PA Operations
Phone: (717) 724?0744 ext. 6101
Email address: [email protected]
Web address:

Once you sign up with an integrator, the integrator will be in contact with your business regarding training.

PennDOT encourages our Agents to sign up as soon as possible to help mitigate the risk of fraud to your business by someone presenting fraudulent documents and potentially defrauding your business. In addition, waiting too long to sign up may jeopardize your ability to act as an Agent if you fail to be connected by the November 30, 2022 deadline.   

In the new verification of identity system, to complete a title transfer transaction, the Agent will enter the buyer’s name, DL/ID number, date of birth and product expiration date through a secure connection to one of the approved integrator’s system. The Agent will receive a confirmation message that either the data matched or did not match what is in PennDOT’s database. Agents will be required to print the valid/matching result of the verification and include it when submitting the title work to PennDOT or include it with the paperwork after processing online. If the message comes back as invalid, the Agent will receive a message with PennDOT’s contact information to provide to the customer.  If a customer’s PennDOT identification comes back as invalid, the Agent will not be able to process the title or registration transaction. There will be an exceptions process available for the limited number and types of transactions in which an acceptable identification besides a PennDOT issued DL/ID product is presented.   

Until an Agent has implemented the verification of identity system and process, the Agent is required to follow the current process for documenting identity.

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