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Notary Notes

Serving Up Hospital Patient Happiness

by PAN
Hospital patient happiness is an important component of Cindy Emminger's work at UPMC Passavant Hospital. 

As the Administrative Coordinator for Quality, Patient Safety and Patient Experience, she is an integral part of the team that plans and organizes many events that the hospital hosts throughout the year, including the annual stroke survivor dinner, and annual quality and patient safety fairs. 

Cindy also provides input for presentations and reviews procedures and operating practices and makes recommendations to increase hospital efficiency. 

She became a notary and PAN member in June 2000. 

"It wasn't a requirement of my job, but more of a way we could assist our patients when needed," said Cindy, who has been employed by UPMC Passavant for 35 years. 

Her notary skills come in handy when patients want to complete documents, such as their powers of attorney for healthcare as well as for finances. Handicap parking placards are another frequent request. 

"I have had a few of our elderly population that have had their wills drawn up by their attorneys, only to not have them notarized," she said. "They feel a sudden urgency to have these completed. My assistance in notarizing these documents places their minds at ease." 

Cindy also assists with emergency absentee ballots at UPMC Passavant through Paul O'Hanlon's Ballots for Patients program. 

When she's not at work, Cindy enjoys fishing, camping and renovating an old house she recently purchased. A widow, Cindy has three grown children and a granddaughter, Lydia, "the sunshine of my life." She also has a fur grandbaby, Belle, a "very spoiled" white German Shepherd. 

"I love my job and not too many people can honestly say that," she said. "I enjoy seeing the smiles and feelings of relief when our patients find out they can complete a simple notary act from their hospital beds." 

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