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Notary Notes

PAN Members: Want a chance to win a $100? Our Recruit-A-Member Program Returns

by PAN

We are bringing back our Recruit-A-Member Program!

All current PAN members can earn chances to win $100. All you have to do is introduce a new member to all the benefits the Association has to offer. When they order a First Time Notary Appointment or Notary Reappointment package during the recruiting period, make sure they give your Customer Number as a referral. This can be entered on our website during the checkout process, or given to a PAN Customer Service Representative when the order is placed over the phone.

The current recruiting period is January, February, and March. The winner will be announced on April 1st.

Each new member you recruit gives you one chance to win $100. Five new members – means five chances to win. The more members you recruit, the more chances you have to win!

There are four recruitment periods per year, so if you are unable to refer anyone this time, the next recruiting period will be April, May, and June.

A member may win $100 only once in a calendar year. Education providers authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of State, PAN employees and their family members are not eligible for the prize.

Good Luck!

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