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Notary Notes

Update to Form MV-351

by PAN

To expedite agent orders, Form MV-351, "Application for Temporary Registration Plates by Motor Vehicle Dealers and Full Agents" has been revised to allow for pick-up of temporary tag plate orders at PennDOT's Riverfront Office Center in Harrisburg.

The form has been revised to include check boxes below the name and address block on the left side of the form. For the order request, agents may choose, if they wish, to pick up the temporary plate order or have PennDOT staff mail the plate order directly to them.

When an agent selects "Pick Up Order," a staff member will contact the agent after the order has been processed to arrange a date and time the agent may pick up the temporary plate order at the Riverfront Office Center. Further pick up instructions will be provided during the telephone call regarding pick up location and social distancing measures.

The revision date on the form is 6-20 and is available on PennDOT's website at

Many of you have already placed orders and want to know if you can pick up those plate orders. If you have submitted your order prior to June 9, those orders have already been processed by PennDOT staff and are pending shipment from the Commonwealth's warehouse. Please allow two weeks for shipping.

Effective June 11, 2020, PennDOT staff will be contacting agents about their orders as soon as it is processed and providing the agent the option to pick up the order at the Riverfront Office Center. Orders not picked up will be mailed by PennDOT staff using priority USPS.

Please note: PennDOT"s dealer counter continues to be used temporarily to serve the public. A dealer drop-off box is available for dealers to drop off motor vehicle applications at the Riverfront Office Center counter entrance.


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