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Notary Notes

PennDOT Offers Guidance on March Car Deals

by PAN

PennDOT issued the following statement on Tuesday, June 9, 2020: 

"If you have deals that were made between March 4 and March 19, 2020 (the window) that were not able to be processed due to the COVID-19 mitigation closures, these deals can now be processed. The department is temporarily waiving the 15-day processing rule for this window only. Deals made outside the window and processed beyond the 15-day limit will be subject to audit and possible sanctioning. 

Any work you have that falls within the window must be processed within 10-days of the receipt of this notice or within 10 days of your county moving from the red phase to yellow phase of the phased reopening plan for Pennsylvania. Dealers licensed by the Department of State and performing internet sales have 10-days to process deals from the window from receipt of this notice." 

According to Reg Evans, executive director, MidAtlantic IADA, CVR has made the adjustment to the system as advised by PennDOT. Starting Tuesday, June 9, 2020, agents on CVR will have 10 days to process the work as prescribed in PennDOT's statement above. If you use PIADA to process your title work and you have any deals from when you sold the vehicle between March 4-19, 2020, please mail them to the IADA immediately so they can get processed right away and avoid them having to be sent to PennDOT. 

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