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Notary Notes

PAN President Speaks at Montana Notary Conference

by PAN
PAN President and CEO Marc L. Aronson was a featured presenter at the 2016 Montana Notary Conference May 12-13 in Great Falls, MT. Notary experts from around the country were invited to present a variety of workshops designed for everyone from the beginner to the most experienced. Marc spoke about the status of electronic notarization in the U.S., particularly as it applies to Montana notaries.

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch welcomed 286 notaries to the conference. The annual event gives Montana notaries an opportunity to be introduced to and learn about recent changes to Montana’s notary laws and to become more proficient and confident in responding to notarial requests.

“We like to have all the notaries in the state to come to the conference and hone their skills and learn new skills,” said McCulloch.

Some of the subjects covered at the conference were keeping a complete and accurate journal, verifying a signer’s authority and capacity to act on behalf of someone else, understanding how to distinguish the different types of notarial acts, when to refuse notarial service, and handling challenging circumstances. Members of Helena’s Cow Tipping Improv Comedy Troupe acted out different real-life situations to demonstrate how to ask for more identification and how to get clarification of what type of notarial act should be performed for the customer.

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