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Notary Notes

Driver and Vehicle Services Updates

by PAN
Agents are required to ensure all their employees receive PennDOT’s Driver and Vehicle Services Updates. Visit to get the latest information.

The Driver and Vehicle Services Update newsletter contains detailed information about PennDOT's newest services, changes in procedures, and other pertinent information relevant to driver and motorist needs. The newsletter is produced on an "as needed" basis and back issues are archived on PennDOT’s Web site.

The newsletter is emailed to PennDOT's contracted agents. If you wish to receive the newsletter via email, or currently receive the newsletter and have changed your email address recently, please email your business name, DIN/agent number and your email address to Please note that you are responsible for sharing the information contained in the Driver and Vehicle Services Update newsletter with your respective staff members.If you would also like your respective staff members to receive the Driver and Vehicle Services Update newsletter, you may also submit their email addresses as well. This is a great way to be sure
your respective staff members are aware of the most current PennDOT procedures.

In addition, it is a contract requirement that agents update their contract information with their most current email information. Should an agent need to update their contract information, they may submit the information in writing to: Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Regulated Client Services Unit, First Floor, Riverfront Office Center, 1101 S. Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104.

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