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State Needs Current Email Addresses

by PAN
The Department of State requires current email addresses on notary applications. Read more

PennDOT Changing Packaging and Processing of Plate Orders

by PAN
PennDOT is changing the way it packages and processes plate orders to help eliminate the backlog of orders. Read more

No Notary Wording Webinar Offered

by PAN
PAN instructors will host a free webinar on what to do when there's no notary wording on a document. Read more

A Letter from Jeanne Sorg

by PAN
The Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds sent out a letter updating residents on the status of the office. Read more

Help Wanted in Montgomeryville

by PAN
An auto tag business is seeking a notary to complete motor vehicle paperwork. Read more

PennDOT Closed for Juneteenth

by PAN
PennDOT offices are closed on June 19 for the Juneteenth holiday. Read more

Recognizing Notary Wording Webinar

by PAN
A PAN webinar focusing on how to identify the notary statement and using this to determine which notary act to perform. Read more

Update to Form MV-351

by PAN
PennDOT has revised Form MV-352 to allow for pick-up of temporary tag plate orders at PennDOT's Riverfront Office Center in Harrisburg. Read more

PennDOT Offers Guidance on March Car Deals

by PAN
Car deals made between March 4-19, 2020 and were not processed, can now be processed. Read more

Operational Changes at PennDOT Headquarters

by PAN
PennDOT's Riverfront Office Center is open for motor vehicle services only. Read more

Notaries Can Accept Expired Driver's License for ID Purposes

by PAN
Notaries can accept driver's licenses which expired between March 16, 2020 through June 30, 2020 because of PennDOT's closures. Read more

PLTA Shares County Information

by PAN
The Pennsylvania Land Title Association has shared its list of county office hours and availability, if open, with PAN. Read more

PAN's Latest Webinar Focuses on Notarizing In Yellow Phase Counties

by PAN
PAN's Education Department is hosting a webinar on how to notarize in the counties placed in the yellow phase. Read more

Before Heading to Your County Recorder of Deeds

by PAN
Don't make a wasted trip. Call your county recorder of deeds office to check on their hours of operation and the fees for getting sworn into office. Read more

Messengers, Dealers, Agents Work in Yellow Phase Counties

by PAN
Motor vehicle services, i.e., messengers, dealers, and agents are permitted to open in yellow phase counties. Read more

How to Get a Duplicate Commission Certificate

by PAN
Notaries who wish to obtain a duplicate commission certificate can write to the Department of State and request one. Read more

Delaware County $5 Fee Effective June 1

by PAN
The $5 fee for vehicle registrations in Delaware County is effective on June 1, 2020. This is also known as the Local Use Fee. Read more

PennDOT Update May 8, 2020

by PAN
PennDOT announces important information for messengers, agents, and dealers in this latest update. Read more

Important News from the Department of State

by PAN
The Department of State will begin appointing notaries on May 15, 2020. Read more

Need to Find Your Notary Commission Number?

by PAN
An easy way to find your notary commission number and expiration date that's available 24-7. Read more

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