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Notary Blog

Notary and Motor Vehicle News

The latest information on notary and motor vehicle news for the state of Pennsylvania.

I-9 Forms for Remote Workers Extended 30 Days

by PAN
The deadline for I-9 forms for remote workers only has been extended for 30 days. Read more

PAN's YouTube Channel Features Webinar Replays

by PAN
In addition to notary instructional videos, PAN's YouTube channel also has replays of our webinars. Read more

The Appointment Process

by PAN
A list of what you need to do when obtaining your notary commission during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Feature Allows Document Search by Notary in Philly

by PAN
Philadelphia City Records Commissioner James Leonard has created a searchable notary database to help combat fraud in the city. Read more

Let Freedom Ring License Plate Available Soon

by PAN
In celebration of the United States' 250th birthday, PennDOT will release a newly designed license plate. Read more

Notary Reappointment Checklist

by PAN
A list of what is required when renewing your notary commission in Pennsylvania. Read more

Beware Remote Notarization of Wills, POAs

by PAN
Remote online notarization of estate documents may not be feasible. Read more

Electronic Journals

by PAN
The correct type of electronic journal to use according to the notary public law. Read more

Act 64 Exempts Some Limited POAs

by PAN
A bill signed into law exempts limited powers of attorney (POAs) used to sell, purchase or transfer manufactured homes from expiring in 90 days. Read more

Changes to PA Driver's Licenses and ID Cards

by PAN
PennDOT announced that a non-binary designation may be added to driver's licenses and photo ID cards. Read more

Disciplinary Actions - May/June 2020

by PAN
A list of Department of State disciplinary actions against Pennsylvania notaries. Read more

Notary News From Around the U.S.

by PAN
News stories about notaries from around the United States. Read more

PAN's YouTube Video on PennDOT Death Procedures - Part 1

by PAN
PAN Instructor Jon Marencel leads you through Part 1 of a new YouTube series on PennDOT death procedures. Read more

MV Online Course to be Updated

by PAN
PAN's motor vehicle online course will be updated on July 16, per PennDOT's request. Read more

The I-9 Form - To Notarize or Not to Notarize

by PAN
Notaries have questioned whether the I-9 needs to be notarized since 2013. Read more

State Needs Current Email Addresses

by PAN
The Department of State requires current email addresses on notary applications. Read more

PennDOT Changing Packaging and Processing of Plate Orders

by PAN
PennDOT is changing the way it packages and processes plate orders to help eliminate the backlog of orders. Read more

No Notary Wording Webinar Offered

by PAN
PAN instructors will host a free webinar on what to do when there's no notary wording on a document. Read more

A Letter from Jeanne Sorg

by PAN
The Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds sent out a letter updating residents on the status of the office. Read more

Help Wanted in Montgomeryville

by PAN
An auto tag business is seeking a notary to complete motor vehicle paperwork. Read more

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