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Notary Blog

Notary and Motor Vehicle News

The latest information on notary and motor vehicle news for the state of Pennsylvania.

ENotaries Must Use Approved Vendors

by PAN
Notaries who have been approved by the State to perform electronic or remote online notarizations must use State-approved vendor technology. Read more

Notaries and the Coronavirus - Questions and Answers

by PAN
PAN has answered questions concerning notaries and the coronavirus crisus. Read more

Personal Appearance Rule Suspended for Court Reporters

by PAN
The governor has suspended the personal appearance rule for court reporters and stenographers. Read more

You Are Still A Notary

by PAN
Even if you have been laid off, remember, you are still a notary. Read more

Beware of Phishing Scams

by PAN
Since the coronavirus crisis began, the number of phishing scams have increased. Read more

Pearson VUE Notary Exams Reauthorized

by PAN
Pearson VUE has reauthorized notary exams for another six months. Read more

The Latest on I-9 Forms

by PAN
There is an updated I-9 form available for employers. Read more

Will Your E&O Insurance Cover You on Electronic Notarizations

by PAN
Does errors and omissions insurance cover notarizations done through electronic technology? Read more

RON Permitted For Some Documents

by PAN
Remote online notarization is being permitted, according to the State, for certain documents, such as those involving end-of-life issues. Read more

In-Person Electronic Notarization vs Remote Online Notarization

Confused about electronic notarization and remote online notarization? PAN Instructor Jon Marencel explains the difference. Read more

Tutorial on PAN's Notary Online Course

This video contains an easy-to-follow guide on how to access and take PAN's online course. Read more

Disciplinary Actions - March-April 2020

by PAN
A listing of notary violations from the Department of State. Read more

Beaver County Welcomes New Recorder of Deeds

by PAN
Ron Alberti was named as the new recorder of deeds for Beaver County. Read more

PAN Member Promoted at Bryn Mawr Trust

by PAN
Lindsay Sailing was named senior vice president and director of retail banking in January 2020. Read more

Just Put Your Stamp On It

by PAN
What to say when your boss insists that you just put your stamp on it. Read more

Steps for an Performing an Acknowledgment in Pennsylvania

This video explains the general steps to properly properly execute an acknowledgment in Pennsylvania. Read more

Beware of Fake IDs

by PAN
Mobile fake identification operation found by Florida police. Read more

Disciplinary Actions - January-February 2020

by PAN
A listing of disciplinary actions taken by the Department of State for violations of the Pennsylvania notary public law. Read more

Be in the Know About Errors and Omissions Insurance

by PAN
The difference between your notary bond and errors and omissions insurance. Why E&O insurance will protect you financially. Read more

Commission Maintenance

by PAN
There are many requirements involving in obtaining and retaining your Pennsylvania notary commission. Read more

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